HR Analytics

HR Analytics is a full suite of Customer Relationship Management tools to help you understand more about your HCN Blue Chip client and referral base.

If this information interests you and you feel you would like to know more, then please enquire about the standard and professional editions which allow for far more analysis of your database.

HR Analytics Lite v1.0 Understand where your patients are coming from

Try HR Analytics Lite for free today, the Lite edition gives you an easy to understand geographical representation of your patient demographic data. You will have a map view of the suburbs that contain the top 20 most patients.

HR Analytics Standard Edition

  1. Providing detailed reporting of Patient information
  2. Patient numbers by Referrer in date selectable ranges
  3. Referrals by consult type
  4. Regularity of referral by referrer
  5. Income generated by referrer over date ranges
  6. Referral by location graphically displayed
  7. Statistical data on the Patient Referral information
  8. Referrers who have reduced or stopped referring over recent period

HR Analytics Professional Edition

  1. All the functionality of HR Analytics Lite HR Analytics Standard
  2. Full CRM Database
  3. Lead follow up
  4. Prospect tracking
  5. Rewards system for referrers
  6. Advertising budgeting and analysis
  7. Return on advertising by media type and campaign