About us


Higher Reason are experts in data migration, specializing in medical databases. If you are moving from one piece of software to another and didn't realize you can bring all your existing data with you, give us a call. We can save you time and money in data re-entry while at the same time cleaning the inconsistent and junk data from your systems.


Market leaders in custom addon programming to medical software. We can fill the gaps left by the big mainstream companies who can't give you the specific solutions and reports you may desire. Contact us for an obligation free discussion on your requirements.


Having over 30 years in the Computer industry, we can provide you with professional Hardware support, we can both implement new systems as well as diagnose existing ones. We use our expert software and database skills to give us a specific understanding of requirements for hardware setting us apart from the competition.

Personalised Service

We pride ourselves on our client relationships. Our Technicians are qualified professionals. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide reference sites.

Quality Solutions

Solutions are developed using the best components, the most advanced quality control processes, and a highly experienced technical staff.

Bridging the Gap

Higher-Reason can be your full service systems and integration supplier. Our wide range of expertise can assist you in many different ways. By implementing immediate cost save measures, you and your team begin to enjoy the immediate benefit of technology. From state of the art hardware to custom software applications, you don't need to look any further than Higher-Reason

In addition to our role in the mainstream business sector, we are also committed to making our services and technology available to all people in all economic categories. As the digital divide continues to widen, Higher-Reason believes it is necessary to continue the effort to push technology further downstream so we can all benefit from this exciting revolution.

Maximising Efficiency

Hand picked employees, years of experience, and the most advanced distribution systems, tools, and technologies, Higher-Reason offers a turnkey solution that increases your business productivity exponentially.

The Higher-Reason ADVANTAGE

We take our customer partnerships very seriously. And we realise you want superior features at a lower cost of ownership. Our ability to offer a complete solution makes it even easier for you as a customer to do business with us as your full service supplier.