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  Data Migration (MOVE)

>The thought of upgrading/migrating your old software to a newer better version has always been daunting, with the fear of your data either not compatible due to the difference in database schemas, loss or truncated during migration.

Higher-Reason realise these challenges and offers cost effective and reliable solutions into these problems. Our database experts enable effective content deployment in a variety of database platform, and different database schemas. Our Data Migration Services help you reduce risks of data loss, ensures data integrity, and enhances quality and performance during the data conversion/migration process.

Throughout the years, your database will accumulate duplicate, unwanted and end of life records, Higher-Reason offers a unique service to cleanup these records by means of consolidating and deletion of records to free up valuable hard drive space to ensure the validity and integrity of your database. This will also free up valuable space on your hard drive which will save you the cost of getting new hard drives and a better value for money on your existing hard drive.

Our track record is immaculate where we have been entrusted by many medical centres to convert/migrate their very important patient's data from their legacy database to a Microsoft SQL database. Click here to link to our Database Migration page.

  Customized Software Solutions (CREATE)

We believe that each organisation is unique, as well as its needs and problems. That is why we develop software solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients.

We create modern software products for business managing on the basis of Client/Server technology and Internet/Intranet solutions in compliance with the world leading standards in the field of information technologies.

Our objective is to develop reliable applications for short and long term solution that satisfy the needs and requirements of the client. We achieve this due to our great experience and team-work in the process of projecting, developing and testing software.

Our efforts are directed to developing high quality solutions, which could be intuitively and easily used by experts in different kinds of fields, and not by IT specialists. Technologies we use for developing software provide flexibility and possibilities for a future development of application. Our clients can rely on both standardised and individually developed solution to meet their requirements.

  PC Repairs and Support (SOLVE)

We provide full service on computer, ranging from troubleshooting any system problems to hardware upgrade and repairs. We do recovery on crashed systems and hard drive and offer emergency response service on mission critical problems. We also provide full services on most software including medical software such as Medical Director, Monet, Blue Chip and much more.

  • Perform diagnostics on PCs and peripheral to troubleshoot the problems.
  • Provide customized hardware and software solutions to fit customer's requirements.
  • Maintain and repair all operation systems such as : Windows 9X, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Win NT, Novell and Unix.
  • One Stop centre to get all computer components, hardware and peripherals.
  • Installing, troubleshooting and modifying network systems.
  • Installing, securing and modifying point to point wireless network.
  • Configuring, and maintaining security on the network.
  • Install/upgrade PC components such as motherboards, memory, network cards, disk drives, modems, ROM drives and various specialist components
  • Coordinate cabling/wiring projects.
  • Configuration, assembly, and testing of computer systems.
We support Microsoft Windows 2008 Servers, Microsoft Windows 2003 Servers, Microsoft Windows 2000 Servers, Windows NT Servers, Windows 9X, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows NT, Novell Servers, Unix Servers, Microsoft Exchange Server/Client ( include Outlook and Outlook Express), Web servers, DHCP servers, DNS servers, WINS servers, Novell server, Office 2000, Office XP, ESET NOD32 anti-virus and medical software.

  Network Solutions (SOLVE)

We are your complete computer networking solution. We provide service on any existing network or can provide a complete turnkey network, complete with new PC's. We support Windows 9x /2000 / NT/ XP / 7 on PC's ,Novell, and all operating systems.

Networking an essential when you need to be productive at home. Whether its from your office or from the comfort of your home.

We can provide:

  • Wireless Networking
  • Shared Printing
  • VPN / Remote Access
  • Internet Connection Sharing for Satellite/Cable/DSL/Dial-up connections
  • and much more...