Medical database tools for Health Care Network, Blue Chip, Medical Director
and Best Practice


Document Control Tool

  • Bulk import documents into Medical Director and/or Blue Chip.

HR Analytics Lite

  • HR Analytics is a full suite of Customer Relationship Management tools to help you understand more about your HCN Blue Chip client and referral base. Try HR Analytics Lite for free today, the Lite edition gives you an easy to understand geographical representation of your patient demographic data. You will have a map view of the suburbs that contain the top 20 most patients.


HR Custom Reports

  • Fully customized reports from your Clinical Management software. Download the FREE patient demographics report for HCN Medical Director to see the quality of reports we provide.

Appointment Viewer

  • A tool to balance appointment loading between specialists on very busy practices. Extension for Blue Chip.

Appointment Tracker

  • Are you constantly wondering why your days are running behind? Regain control of your practice and provide the punctual service your patients will love by tracking appointment timing details.

MD Progress Search

  • A powerful search tool for Medical Director allowing you to search keywords within your progress notes. Use MD Progress Search to find keywords and directly link into the relevant notes. Find the data that is hiding in your progress notes quickly and simply. A word, a string or a sentence, use the information to rapidly improve your productivity.

BC Document Search

  • Referral letters are the corner stone of the Bluechip medical database. Finding the data in them is the Achilles' heel ... NO MORE. Search Bluechip patient notes within the documents to find words, phrases, or sentences and open the relevant files immediately. Use the search to gather important files or use it as an analysis tool to draw correlations in your patient's notes. Either way, the Bluechip Document Search will assist you in creating a more productive environment.

Referral Tracker

  • Duty of care is becoming more significant every day, to address this simply and effectively Higher Reason has produced Referral Tracker. Referral Tracker provides for immediate prioritization of referrals generated. With a timely follow up system that is quick and easy for support staff to use. Referrals are tracked from leaving your office to intelligent reply matching of return letters. Gain the peace of mind knowing that Referral Tracker is monitoring your duty of care so nothing slips through the cracks.

BC To MD3 Document Importer

  • A tool to import Blue Chip documents to Medical Director 3.

Day Surgery compliance addon

  • An automatic reporting tool for HCN's day surgery addon for Bluechip.

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